HOG Piglet Backup Light


The HOG piglet is an incredibly small 230 lumen LED backup light. This little beast is extremely bright, durable and is perfect to carry as a second or third backup option. Great for looking in cracks, crevices and under ledges on any dive. It’s small size and affordable price in no way reflect the incredible amount of light this little piggy puts out.

• Polycarbonate body and rubber coated twist on/off head
• 2 modes of operation: On and Flasher
• 230 Lumen Cree LED
• Uses 3 AAA alkaline batteries
• Plastic swivel clip on lanyard loop at rear of body.
• Burn time: Approximately 4 – 6 hours.

• Dimensions: 12cm long / 12.5 cm circumference
• Weight: 4.8oz / .136kg with batteries installed
• Waterproof to 300ft / 100m

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