DIVE RITE Pocket Thigh / Cylinder Large


The Dive Rite Thigh Pocket XT includes an innovative leg band made of a proprietary material used in bandages. The leg band material holds up to salt water and dries quickly, plus silicone strips placed on the inside of the band grip your exposure suit and keep the leg band in place. At { 4 in | 10.2 cm } in width, the leg band will be comfortable and secure. The Dive Rite Thigh Pocket is now made of tough, rip resistant 1680 denier ballistic nylon, the bellows pocket itself is attached via a buckle on the waist belt. The slide release buckle allows don or doff of the thigh pocket without having to unbuckle the waist belt and slide the pocket off. Designed to be worn on the thigh, or stowed on a stage or sidemount bottle, the thigh pocket includes daisy chain webbing on the external pocket for clipping Z-knives, trauma shears or any tool that you need in easy reach. Inside the thigh pocket is a { 36 in | 91.4 cm }, looped lanyard to clip off reels, line markers and pocket lights. The pocket includes a d-ring on the velcro closure flap to make it easy to grab and open the pocket flap along with a stainless drain grommet on the bottom.

The thigh pocket is { 10 in high x 6 in wide | 25.4 cm high x 15.2 cm wide } and the internal depth expands from { 0.5 in to 2.5 in | 1.3 cm to 6.4 cm } wide.

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Dive Rite was established in 1984 by Lamar Hires and Mark Leonard; two underwater cave explorers and cave diving instructors from North Florida. In the 1970's and early 80's, technical diving gear was virtually non-existent. Most cave divers made their own gear or adapted ocean diving gear to fit the cave environment. Lamar and Mark changed that and began the first technical dive gear company in existence. Pioneering products such as the Classic wing and the canister light, they introduced to the scuba industry the very first products designed for underwater exploration. In 1991, Dive Rite became the first manufacturer to launch a user programmable Nitrox computer called the "Bridge." In 1996, Dive Rite revolutionized the dive industry with the launch of the TransPac harness. Since those early days, Dive Rite has grown from thirteen products to over three hundred products. In 1997 Lamar Hires bought the company and has grown the company from a fledgling, North Florida dive gear company to a worldwide dive equipment manufacturer with distribution in 68 countries all over the world. More than thirty years after the first primary dive reel was sold, Dive Rite's pioneering spirit continues with the innovation and quality that goes into each and every product. Dive Rite has a proud history of supporting dive exploration, conservation and education, putting Dive Rite in the unique position as a leader in the worldwide technical diving marketplace.