April 23, 2022

Legal Protection And Tools For Travel Agents

We listen to clients needs and collaborate to deliver optimal solutions. The latest change management strategies facilitate successful implementation and increased employee satisfaction. We’ve worked with companies that are just starting out to technology powerhouses in the midst of phenomenal growth. 5 Year Plan Regular Nights are offered from our own https://globalcloudteam.com/ Seller Pool can be availed unlimited @more than 40-50% discounted rate in comparison to the Open Market are offered.

travel solutions

Simply secure your holiday with a low deposit and pick a payment date that suits you before making interest-free monthly payments towards your outstanding balance. Becoming a member allows you to save trips you like to your wish list, you’ll receive personalized recommendations, and best of all. Travel agencies supported on the FTS Platform within Canada and the United States. Our Revenue Management tool, aptly named Revenue Optimizer, utilizes first and third party data to forecast sales, highlight industry trends and suggest ideal periods for promotional incentives. The commission hub facilitates the entire commission payment flow between Travel Industry Suppliers and Travel Agencies alongside a full suite of key features. Our self-serve platform allows Travel Agencies to log their updated profile and banking information, Value-Added-Tax numbers as well as their reporting preferences in one secure environment.

Feature Rich Shopping

But it’s not easy to find your perfect trip without enduring hours of frustrating and contradictory research. Even then, how do you know that you’ve really found the best trip & deal for you? You deserve a truly memorable, low-stress experience – both during and before vacation. That’s why we made it easy to search, compare, and read reviews on hundreds of trips offered by 200+ professionals. With Travel-Solutions, you can feel confident that you chose the best travel provider, received the best price, and picked the itinerary most well-suited to your travel style.

travel solutions

We support any agency that collects commission from Travel Industry Suppliers. This includes but is not limited to traditional and home-based agencies as well as large agencies and corporate affiliated clients. Our solution is international and supports multi-currency payouts.

Whether you are a large host agency or a single agent Tess will save you time and money. Here at FCM Travel, we do business travel management differently. With seamless tech and 24/7 travel solutions and hospitality software development support from travel experts, experience effortless travel. From assessment through to solution execution, we offer a variety of services that help you achieve your business goals.

Tess by Travel eSolutions, LLC

On a guided tour, you can settle back and let someone else – who knows the way and rules of the road — do the driving. The Flex Travel Solutions Platform enables Travel Industry Suppliers the ability to manage Agencies, pay-out commissions and roll out special promotions while saving time and money. We collaborate with you through the complete design process to implementation of your airline.com suit and ensure seamless integration with value service providers. From enhanced traveler experiences, to saving strategies, spend control, data visibility and more – we’re here to help you travel differently. As a level 1 BBBEE level 1 partner, we know what it takes to deliver value as Travel and Tourism is one of the biggest contributors to job creation globally. With our ‘buy now, pay monthly’ plan you are in complete control over your payment plan.

travel solutions

For any customized requirements, a gap analysis is provided by our business team to help suppliers decide on a timeline based on priorities. Optimise conversion and ensure secure collection of payments at your customers’ convenience for all your travel products and services while reducing your risks. Empower your customers to manage pre-trip, during-trip and post-trip operation in one central hub.

Yes I want to Sell Or Rent My Timeshare Ownership

Our team can work with you to determine the best integration method based on your requirements and build a timeline accordingly. We offer full reconciliation of all transactions that get paid through our payment platform. We also provide a reporting suite that accommodates various back-office and accounting softwares. This solution is scalable to a variety of Travel Industry Suppliers including airlines, tour operators, rail, car rentals, cruises, hotels, loyalty programs, cargo and travel insurance that have a Travel Agency reward program. The FTS e-invoicing tool allows your business to create and send fully customizable invoices in a matter of minutes for ticket sales and/or commission. We provide a range of key E-commerce capabilities through well thought-out solutions to enable your successful direct distribution and retail ambitions.

All you have to do is pack, remember to bring your vital travel documents, and get to the airport (ship, etc.) on time. Book a meeting with our team to get a demo of our Flex Travel Solutions platform and the various services we can offer to better support your team. Optimise conversion and re-connect with lost customers by tracking abandoned shopping carts and empower your customers to continue and complete their shopping in any channel. Use intelligence to effectively re-target based on what your customers have already looked at.

We have significant experience in managing small and large scale hosting on behalf of our customers in managed data centers. Connect your callcentre to your online platform and reduce training costs while ensuring your agents see the same offerings as your customers. Our self-service solutions for Manage Booking and Check-in seamlessly provide your airlines with an interface to manage online and offline bookings. Connect your required suppliers and partners and effortlessly integrate their content into the platform, using their content to create your unique offerings under your brand.

“The team at Flex Travel have been an absolute pleasure to work with since day one. Their passion for travel and for their company resonate in the product and in the interactions we’ve had together.” OTS Web Solution is a powerful platform which offers a feature-rich shopping experience allowing you to choose the features and defining how they must appear. We believe that the key to online success is to identify your various market segments and to then deliver against their individual needs and expectations. This can only be achieved if your online solutions have the flexibility and efficiency to be adapted to each segment and their ever changing and varying requirements. Hit the open road with confidence knowing that we have all your travel needs sorted.

Discover the alternative in business travel

We make it easy, fast, and fun to filter through the many expert-planned options, giving you all the info you need to pick your next trip with confidence. Consistently interact with your customer across every channel with your products and services in a seamless customer experience. Connect with On Travel Solutions or with your home grown solutions consuming our API. Tess, by Travel eSolutions, LLC, is an online application completely dedicated to helping travel agents and agencies become more efficient and accurate.

  • You record the trips and bookings that you sell and Tess will help you track the payments you receive from the wholesaler or venue.
  • Not even the best guided tour can guarantee total safety on a trip, but chances are that when traveling with a group, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding scam artists or thieves who prey on lone travelers.
  • Booking flights, accommodation, and ironing out travel details is your jam.
  • With the convenience of letting others sweat the details, you still have an incredible variety of choices as to which guided trip to take.
  • Mexico Travel Solutions has a fantastic range of tours in Cancún.
  • The Flex Travel Solutions Platform enables Travel Industry Suppliers the ability to manage Agencies, pay-out commissions and roll out special promotions while saving time and money.

On Booking Platform gives you the freedom of choice from pricing & shopping to booking and fulfillment. Looking for the answers to all your corporate travel questions? From company-wide travel policies to bottom lines, you’re the one behind the big travel decisions. Find out how we can help alleviate the stresses of your travel management.


Perhaps you’re looking for ways to build your authority as an expert and broaden your reach, or add independent subagents and virtual assistants to scale your agency. Whether you are a travel agent, a travel agency, or an agent host, Tess provides the tools and services that will help you build your business. The desire to explore our surroundings and connect with new people is instinctive from early childhood on. As our horizons expand, and we get wiser, planning international and invigorating travel can take a lot of time and be stressful, as we know the pitfalls of ‘unplanned’ travel.

Stay up to date with all the latest news and useful information at your fingertips. Booking flights, accommodation, and ironing out travel details is your jam. Enjoy a seamless booking experience, with detailed reports and savings to be had along the way. Give yourself the flexibility to do corporate travel on your own terms.

We continually adapt not only to an ever-changing market, but to the needs of your travel program. Our services are designed to help you dodge disruption and stay one step ahead. So, are you ready to discover the secrets behind owning your own no BS agency full of freedom and profit? TIS is the only membership that offers everything you need to have a wildly profitable travel business. Spread the cost of your holiday with a payment plan that suits you!

Welcome to FCM, the alternative corporate travel company. At México Travel Solutions we cut out the middle man in order to improve our prices and offer you amazing rates for the best Cancun and Riviera Maya tours and activities! The most popular tours like Xcaret at Night, Xoximilco Tour, and Tulum Yalku Plus on discount right here! For more tours and activities destinations, please click on our alternate destination logos. Our Cancun and Riviera Maya tours and activities have been provided by operators from all over Cancun and Riviera Maya. With the convenience of letting others sweat the details, you still have an incredible variety of choices as to which guided trip to take.

Tess for the Travel Agent

While it may seem like travel agents in Hawaii have it easy, not even the beauty of this archipelago can counteract the legal requirements of operating a travel business. Are you sick of all the BS that comes with running your travel agency? Or perhaps you’re new to the industry and dream of having a smooth-running, streamlined business that attracts and retains clients with ease. Have you been searching for tools that help yield higher profits and protect you in today’s risky business of booking travel?

No matter where you’re going, our easy-to-use tech and 24/7 support will be right there with you. Our technology delivers frictionless travel, minimum noise and a whole lot of content. We keep you moving smooth, with seamless and consistent service across all devices, and smart AI to guide your journey. With flexible, scalable teams available 24/7, you can count on us to get you where you need to go, however you’d like to get there. Our modern user platform, combined with the best customer service in the industry, keeps you moving swiftly and with ease.

Our Products and Services

Our multi-lingual support team are available when you need them ensuring swift responses and problem resolving. Want to know how we’ve helped countless companies through travel conundrums? Mexico Travel Solutions has a fantastic range of tours in Cancún. México Travel Solutions tours in Cancún and Riviera Maya.


The responsive web application works on any device, anytime, anywhere. We make it easy for the travel community to ramp up business. Efficient solutions, allowing more time to drive revenue and support more happy travelers. On Booking Platform is a truly agnostic platform which integrates with ease with your technology partners for true and efficient delivery of your e-commerce visions. Put together your unique service mix of PSS, pricing, payment, ancillaries and deliver a key differentiating offering.

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